Noun - 1. The granting of political, social or economic power to an individual or group. 

2. The process of supporting another person or persons to discover and claim personal power.

    The focus here is to provide documentaries, articles, books and strategies that promote empowerment, growth and connectivity. Educate yourself, perform practical experimentation (ie trial and error) and connect with those who have accomplished goals similar to your own. One's health and well being are directly related to a positive relationship with community (or the perception thereof). The internet connects us all, and ultimately allows for the free flow of information.

   Determine your Number One Priority -- Live the Life of your Dreams


Documentaries of Interest 

The Century of the Selfhttps://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-century-of-the-self/

History of the use of Freudian Psychology to create  individuals that associate self esteem and thus validation through the consumption of mass produced items (clothes, cars, "luxury items").


Addicted to Plastic - https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/addicted-plastic/

Examination of the proliferation of plastic in our society.


Waste = Foodhttps://topdocumentaryfilms.com/waste-food/ 

Revolutionary business concept that first transforms the process of production so there are no harmful byproducts, and second the so called "waste" or unwanted materials are either "up-cycled" or used in composting/ regenerative farming. Absolutely brilliant.


Chasing Coralhttps://topdocumentaryfilms.com/chasing-coral/

 Hardcore visual evidence of the rising ocean temperature across the planet through time lapsed photography of the dying coral reefs .  We all will need to make adjustments. The age old rule is you move to an area that suits you, or you transform to live with changing conditions.


Green Goldhttps://topdocumentaryfilms.com/green-gold/

 Several farming communities in different parts of the world, faced with desolate land after generations of destructive agricultural practices are absolutely transformed into thriving economically stable communities. One of my favorites.


Blue Goldhttps://topdocumentaryfilms.com/blue-gold-world-water-wars/

Reports from around the world on the ability of people to access clean water. We must make changes if things will improve. Disturbing.


I AM (Shady Acres 2011) - 


Tesla Master of Lightning - Examination of the life of Nicola Tesla, the revolutionary inventor who's name is most commonly associated with electric vehicle company.  Tesla was a genius with highly developed visualization abilities that enabled him to create inventions/designs that have transformed our entire society, with many that still are not understood and others that have been kept in secret away from the public. Another name could have been chosen for the car company, here we seek to honor the man.


Chasing Ice - Time lapsed photography of glacial melt, meant to show the effect of the Earth's rising temperature.  This documentary inspired the director of Chasing Coral.


Yoga Unveiled - Extensive history of Yoga traced through the lineage of the greatest Gurus/Yogis/Swamis/teachers.




These questions and concepts may lead you to your next level of growth and personal study.


What is Health? 

What is Individual Health? What is a Healthy relationship? How do I determine my health? How to determine the Health of my family/group? What makes me feel Healthy and Well?


How does the Body work?

What is my relationship with:

Air - Water - Diet - Sunshine - Exercise/ Walking - Enriched environment - Healing the mind - Releasing depression - Embracing different Healing modalities


Physical Needs (External Environment)

Gardening/ Food Production - Green Power - Water - Emergency Response Training - Permaculture


Finances (Energy of Exchange)

Investments - Debt - Loans - Business development - Taxes - Accounting



Communication - Romance - Sexuality - Tantra