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The goal is to provide original artwork to inspire harmony and love between individuals, communities, all living beings and the Earth itSelf. From here I hope you're motivated to share your Wisdom, find/embrace/develop your Community; service magnifies the field of Love and this is the source of our Strength. Below is a description of the art and the story of its creation.

ART/ The ART Shirt

    ART/ The Art Shirt - It says Art and it is ART. I've always felt that's the best description.  I created this as a basic expression. It flowed into a pattern and then into letters and a word. Interconnectedness is another important theme in my artwork. My pattern of lettering shows the ways in which an individual element/shape can still have its own unique personality, while contributing to a larger pattern of beauty.  It's very similar to the way people tend to adjust when working/playing/living together; after a certain point, adjustments are made and the natural law of harmony presides. Thank you for reading.

Meditation T/ OhmHead

     Meditation T/ OhmHead - The first of a new era, this is the original. A design created to show the qualities that shine through the practice of meditation and the values that are strengthened when one commits to the practice. Meditation is a practice of mental stillness, a practice of listening, a practice of sensitivity and awareness. Meditation practice both cleanses us of our attachments and reveals greater possibilities of happiness/peace. There is much to be said and many who would have you listen, but words tend to confuse. Try it for yourself. Try It For Yourself. Research a meditation practice, and explore the multiple dimensions that exist beyond the "visible universe".
     This design was first presented in four color combinations, white ink on a black shirt, white on green, green on yellow and red on blue. It was created as a simple two color design, with the option of changing the ink color or the t-shirt color while still maintaining the visual impact.  The shape of the meditator tends to reveal itself initially, and those who take a closer look tend to enjoy the process of discovering the individual elements and gaining the (intended) second and third interpretation of the same piece. Thank you for reading.

I Love Jazz 

     I Love Jazz - And this piece is in honor of the legacy of some of the great contributors to the Classical American Music.  I grew up in a musical home, full of music and song.  My mother had a song for everything, and my father was DJ while in college. Throughout my years in high school I served as an intern at the Annual East Coast Jazz Festival in Rockville, Maryland. This festival held over President’s Day weekend was an exciting gathering of professional musicians, artists and talented performers from all over the world. Being able to experience first hand, the passion, the diversity and the beauty of a living music festival left me with a love of Jazz that will last a lifetime.
    Jazz is the classical music of America. Classical in the sense of it’s originality, influence, and endurance. Jazz originality stems from the great musicians, their personalities and charm. Jazz lives today through the music that still resonates and inspires. Jazz endures in the way the music itself continues to find new artists, new expressions and new listeners. The power of professional improvisation as an artistic concept encourages a creative collaboration that invites us to transcend and will forever be a part of the living legacy of Jazz.
      In this visual tribute to this musical art, the concept/question of “how do you spell Jazz?” was taken to heart. What does Jazz mean to me as an individual? And would I be able to represent and honor those major players? Who are the major players? Where does Jazz fit into the larger history of music? What makes Jazz unique and what qualities are encouraged? Each of us answers in their own way; your answers many move you to create your very special tribute, in your very special way. These ideas and concepts have lead to the creation of this piece that I still hold dear and am happy to share. If you Love Jazz, let it be known. Thank you for reading.

Love Is a Verb/ LOVE33


    Love Is a Verb/ LOVE33 - Language is a tool to express, and Love is ultimately what we're all working toward. What is Love? How do you say Love in your language? How do you know it? How do you show it? Everyone knows the power, the force, the energy, the feeling of LOVE. I choose to think of Love as a verb. Some choose to think of Love as a frequency or define Love as What We Do! Others may say that Love is the expression itself and that Love is all there IS.
    This piece of artwork seeks to combine the written word of love from the most spoken languages of our planet. Circa 2020. With the help of translator technology an idea was brought into reality. The goal was to find the languages that unite humanity and to express a concept that we as a people can understand.
    “To learn a new language is to gain a new soul.” Each language shapes the mind/thinking process in a particular way and reflects the cultural priorities of the people who speak it. This is a work of appreciation for the varied expression of language around our world. For those languages which offer multiple ways of expressing love, the verb, the love of action, is what was chosen for this work. Thank you for reading.

 Black to the Future

    BLACK to the Future - This is a message of possibility. Black Love to the Future. Black Inspiration to the Future. Black to the Future.
    In honor of those who serve, in honor of those who have given their lives, and in honor of those who continue to work toward a future of equality and peace, may this be a source of strength/inspiration.  
     A key theme in this artwork is the notion of positive thinking, positive attitude, and/or positive affirmations.  During the time when this piece was created, the United States was facing a surge in the reporting of gun violence, and for most, the future being promoted involved the worst aspects of human behavior.   I made a conscious choice to embrace courage.  I embraced the courage necessary to THINK about a future alternate to narrative that is handed to me through the popular "channels".  I embraced the courage to think of a future that would be safe, enjoyable, and even loving. As an artist, I embraced the challenge of creating art that helps to move further the narrative, and helps to bring to life an idea with significance. Thank you for reading.


ClockWork Earth

    Clockwork Earth - Inspired by a love of science fiction, and a love of the Earth, the goal was to create a view of the solar system that opens up a conversation.  Ancient astronomers left depictions of this solar system that inspired a decision to honor our home planet and our cosmic neighborhood in a similar fashion.  The overall shape of the planetary orbits resembles the popular view of the atom; as above, so below. The Asteroid belt, often forgotten and interestingly absent from many other solar systems, is a unique feature that has been included and it's existence is worthy of inquiry. The moons of the Earth and Mars are included, but the moons of the outer planets have only been numbered because of the vast number that have been discovered (many moons of the outer planets have not even been named - will you be the one?). Lastly, the planetary frequencies have been included, to bring the energies of the planets and their effect on life in our world, into a realistic perspective.  This piece is layered with aspects that should be discovered by each individual, but the goal is to honor another fundamental artistic principle: to use artwork to inform/ to educate. Thank you for your time.
Within us all is the capacity to create.
Fan the flames of your inner fire and share with the world your heart's desire.